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Currency Converter


Currency Converter Screenshot

I wanted to figure out how to use web services on the Pocket PC and my recent trip to Canada provided me the motivation to write a currency converter. The currency converter uses a webservice provided by xmethods.net to download the conversion rates. Once downloaded, the rates are then cached for times when the device does not have an active internet connection.

December 30, 2005 - Currency Converter has been replaced by Currency Converter 2005 for Windows Mobile 5 devices. Currency Converter 1.0 will be the last release for Pocket PC 2003 and below.



Chess Screenshot

Another project I have worked on is a chess game using Visual Studio.NET, C#, and the .NET Compact Framework. It currently supports Human vs. Human play or Human vs. Computer. The computer player uses a NegaMax search algorithm with alpha-beta pruning. It is still pretty slow, but it is getting progressively faster and smarter.


Langton's Ant


Langton's Ant Screenshot

I wanted to play with the drawing functions in the .NET Framework so I wrote a Langton's Ant program in C# using Beta 1 of the .NET Compact Framework. Langton's Ant is a simple cellular automaton that produces an interesting pattern after a period of seemingly random movement. More info on the algorithm can be found here.