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Monday, October 3, 2011 2:12 PM

Our familyI’m finally updating my site here and I can’t believe it’s really been more than 2 years since I did anything.  And what a crazy 2 years it’s been!  Just a sampling of what’s happened in the last 2 years:

  • July 2009
    • Hailstorm hits our house and causes nearly $24,000 in damage.
  • September 2009
    • My friend Nick and I are in a bike crash together.  I broke both bones in my right forearm and chipped a front tooth.  I ended up with 2 steel plates and 14 screws in my arm and spent 3 days in the hospital.
    • Found out Andrea was pregnant!
  • June 2010
    • Our first son, Ethan Russell Love-Church is born on June 28th.  He has meconium aspiration and has to be transported to Children’s Hospital in Aurora where they put him on a heart/lung bypass machine for 5 days.  He ends up spending 23 days in the NICU before being released to come home.
  • July 2010
    • One week after Ethan is born, while in the hospital with him, I am laid off by CNSI.
    • Grandpa Ideker passes away on July 29th, just one week after Ethan is released from Children’s Hospital.
  • September 2010
    • I get a job working at EffectiveUI.  I have never had this much fun going to work every day or been this challenged on a regular basis.  It is a great environment for me.
  • August 2011
    • Yet another bike accident.  This time I was hit by a car.  Fortunately I’m ok, but the bike was totaled.  I ended up getting a new 2012 Trek Madone 4.5 to replace the 2008 Trek Madone 4.5.  It’s a great bike, but I’m still sad that all I have left of my 30th birthday present from Andrea is the pedals and the water bottle holder.

Those of you that know me well will also know that this isn’t a full accounting of everything that’s been going on, but this is the list for public consumption.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post more regular updates here in the near future.

By: shane


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