Auto Repair Nightmares

Thursday, December 16, 2004 11:03 AM

Prestige Imports Repair Problems

Last week turned into quite the week for car drama.  In mid November, someone scraped my bumper while my car was parked in a parking lot (Why can't people take responsibility for their actions?!?!).  So last Monday I took my car into Bob's Auto Body & Paint to get the paint on the bumper repaired after getting a number of estimates.  No sooner had they taken the bumper off when they called me asking if I had had previous work done on the rear end.  The answer was yes since I had been rear ended in March of this year.  Basically they had found tons of shoddy workmanship and fraud in the previous two repairs on my car by Prestige Imports.  The photo above shows some of the examples including missing mounting brackets, drilled out holes, improper corrosion protection, paint problems, frame damage, bad welds and the list goes on. 

So now I had to get State Farm and Prestige involved in what was supposed to be a $400 and 3 day repair.  After inspecting the car, State Farm had no doubt that there were major problems and even the new manager at Prestige (who had been on the job for 3 weeks at this point) agreed that there was major problems and fraud.  After much negotiating, Prestige is redoing all of the work.  The initial estimate to fix the car correctly is $9400 and 6-8 weeks simply because of all of the damage caused by not doing the job right the first time.

I'm definitely thankful that I took the car to Bob's first and Chris at Bob's has been extremely helpful through all of this.  I would definitely highly reccommend Bob's after my experiences with them.  Prestige has been extremely apologetic and has stepped up to the plate with a fully paid rental car for the duration of the repair and has yet to argue with anything that needs to be done, but at this point I'm still watching them very carefully because of what is now a history (two separate trips both had bad work) of shoddy repairs.  I'll post more on this as the repairs progress.

By: Shane


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