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Monday, December 5, 2011 2:42 PM

MSDNMagazineSmallLogoA few weeks ago, I submitted an abstract of an article on the Cartegraph mobile prototype that I worked on for EffectiveUI to MSDN Magazine.  The concept is about addressing the costs of building a mobile application for all of the rapidly proliferating mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone) by building the application primarily as a web application using ASP.NET MVC 3 and jQuery Mobile while still being able to leverage native hardware features like the camera, GPS, or accelerometer.  A few minutes ago I got a phone call from Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research and author of MSDN Magazine’s monthly Test Run column.  The magazine editors liked the abstract, had asked him to review my submission from a technical perspective and he had a few clarifying questions that he wanted to ask.  He really liked the idea and is recommending to them that they move forward with the idea toward publication.  He commented that the abstract was really well written and also offered some advice about how to catch the readers with the concept in the first few sentences of the article.  Hopefully, with any luck, I’ll have a byline in MSDN Magazine here in a few months.

By: Shane


  • Ryan Comingdeer 2/29/20124:21 PM I read your article today in the March MSDN issue. I love the concept of MVC 3 powering mobile apps. Today I do most of my web apps in MVC 3 and I do a ton of Mobile apps using Phonegap and JQuery Mobile. However, one very important note that you didn't mention in your article was that if you develop the app the way you suggested, Apple will NOT approve the app to the public iTunes store. You would be fine on Windows and Android but the Apple team does not allow an app to be just a browser pointing to a website. We have had this issue a number of times with PhoneGap even if the files reside in the app. For some reason, Apple wants to make sure the app is utilizing some portion of Native code before it gets approved. Very sad, but very true. Have you been able to work around this issue?
  • Shane Church 3/2/201210:00 AM Ryan, With this proof of concept application, we didn't go as far as publishing to the app store. A modification that could be made to make it pass Apple's scrutiny would be to make the login page native on the Apple platform.