Anniversary Present from Andrea

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 11:39 AM

Painting by Clyde Steadman and my photo that inspired it

My anniversary present from Andrea was this beautiful painting by Clyde Steadman.  It was based on a photo I had taken at Coors Field in September 2003.  The painting will be the centerpiece of my sports room once we get that set up but, for now, it is hanging above the TV in our living room.  Clyde even customized it by putting my name in the painting as the name of the batter on the scoreboard.  Thanks Andrea!

By: Shane


  • Clyde 8/20/20084:34 PM Whew! I'm relieved you like it. One crucial update to the picture it is (mostly) based on is the pennant almost implied more than painted in the upper right, beneath the "Rock." Happy Anniversary!