Weather Info 2005 & Currency Converter 2005 in the news

Tuesday, January 17, 2006 11:16 AM

Since I released Weather Info 2005 and Currency Converter 2005, they have been reviewed in a number of Pocket PC news sites.

Weather Info 2005
Pocket PC Thoughts
"Wow, I kept searching his site and then the program for a registration page/dialog. It's free?! Quite a program to be free. Nice going, Shane." - OSUKid7

Windows Mobile 247:
"Weather Info 2005 is unusally free for such a good program" - Shaun

Telefonica Net:
Program of the Day - January 12, 2006

Pocket PC Freewares

Freeware PPC

Currency Converter 2005
Pocket PC Thoughts


Freeware PPC

By: Shane


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