Last Day at Rocky Flats and CH2M Hill

Thursday, August 11, 2005 8:38 AM

Rocky Flats Accountability Badge

Today is my last day at CH2M Hill and Rocky Flats.  I will be spending the day completing final checkout from Rocky Flats and having lunch with the KAMS group that I have supported for the last 7 years.  I started out at Rocky Flats back in February of 1998 as an intern while I was studying at CU, and then was hired on full time by RTS Enabling Technology when I graduated.  When CH2M Hill hired me in November of 2003, I was the 5th longest tenured employee at RTS Enabling Technology.  During my time at the Flats, I have grown considerably as a person and as a professional software engineer and I would like to thank everyone I have worked with at CH2M Hill, RTS Enabling Technology, and Rocky Flats for all of the good times working on the closure of Rocky Flats and all of the opportunities that have been presented to me.

By: Shane


  • Jess 8/12/20052:53 AM That's so strange that Rocky Flats isn't there anymore ... it was actually strangely a part of my day-to-day life growing up! Good luck on the move! Have you found another job?
  • Shane 8/15/20057:24 PM

    See my next post, but I got a new job at TimeCentre in Westminster (just south of the Jeffco Airport) doing development on their enterprise timekeeping software.

    It is definitely strange to see Rocky Flats gone.  It's more or less just a field now.  There's only part of one permanent building left as well as about half a dozen trailers and a couple random shacks that are the size of my cube.  That's all that's left though.  The east access road to Indiana is gone completely, stoplight and all, which has really changed the drive down Indiana.  In about a month and a half, even the west access road on Highway 93 will be gone with the exception of a short spur to the gravel mine.